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AIP Creamy Bacon Alfredo Sauce

I’ve gone and done it now…I’ve made something not only my 2 year old toddler liked (as well as the rest of my kids), but, my ‘set in his ways’ dad even liked it!  Creamy, garlicky, bacon-y, all the right things!  I have so many many awesome ideas for this little piece of heaven! I…

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AIP bacon sauerkraut

Bacon Kraut

  Print AIP Bacon Kraut Course: Side Dish by: Jen Gault & Erik Davey | Ingredients 1 lb AIP-compliant bacon preferably a smoked, uncured brand, diced 1 large yellow onion diced 1 jar AIP-compliant sauerkraut drained Instructions Dice bacon and toss in skillet. Remove and retain grease. Dice onion and caramelize in bacon grease.…

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AIP Pork Loin

AIP Pork Loin

  Print AIP Pork Loin Course: Main Course by: Jen Gault & Erik Davey | Ingredients 4 lbs Pork loin or pork tenderloin (whichever is cheaper) 1/2-1 lb Bacon chopped AIP Rub to taste AIP Bacon Kraut cooked veggies or white sweet potatoes Bacon Gravy 1/2 quart Chicken broth Bacon grease (whatever is left…

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