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Crispy Pan Fried Chicken AIP

I mean, fried chicken…what’s not to love?  Fried chicken is one of those staple comfort foods, but, it can go from perfect to dry quickly.  By starting in a cast iron and finishing in the oven, it is the most sure fire way to make sure that it’s not only tasty, but, juicy! Another thing I…

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AIP Hearty Beef Stew

Most everyone that has seen my Jen Party of 7 Facebook page, or my personal page, knows that soup is one of my love languages.  Well, that, and tacos. So, I made this last night and even gave some to my dad, he LOVED it, and this is a guy that thinks gluten free means…

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AIP Creamy Bacon Alfredo Sauce

I’ve gone and done it now…I’ve made something not only my 2 year old toddler liked (as well as the rest of my kids), but, my ‘set in his ways’ dad even liked it!  Creamy, garlicky, bacon-y, all the right things!  I have so many many awesome ideas for this little piece of heaven! I…

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AIP ‘dirty rice’ with coconut ‘curry’ saffron sauce

This one just gets me in the feelers, it’s quick, easy, family friendly and toddler approved. Over the past couple of days I made a couple different versions of it using different leftover meats and additional veggies I had on hand.  Both were delicious.  I’m not a huge coconut fan, so, I like that I…

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AIP ‘tater’ tots

Want to impress your kids?  Make these AIP ‘tater’ tots…but, I challenge you to not eat them all yourself.  I had some leftover chimichurri sauce that the kids and I dipped these in, it was amazing. Print AIP Tater Tots I can’t even begin to describe my happy with this one!  I mean, tater tots-enough…

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AIP crispy salmon cake

I have been experimenting with trying to make the perfect salmon cake for a while now…pre-AIP, I loved them!  But, without eggs and bread crumbs…alas, I was constantly disappointed.  Until now!  These are very crispy and creamy.  Don’t let the ugly photo fool you…I seasoned mine with sumac, which if you’re not familiar, tastes like…

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AIP Snickerdoodle Apple Tarts

Sharing this brilliant recipe from another AIP friend, Erin Tuttle.  They look absolutely delicious! Print AIP Snickerdoodle Apple Tarts Nothing beats apple pie, right? Well, nothing except maybe apple pie with a snickerdoodle cookie crust. Combine that with the fact that these little guys are fun and easy to hold in your hand and eat,…

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AIP horseradish coleslaw

This is a great side addition to so many things, one of my personal favorites, is on my carne asada or pork belly tacos.  I also topped it on a hamburger patty with some roasted brussel sprouts with bacon, and yeah, that’s a winner too!  It comes together super fast and tastes even better the…

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AIP White Truffle Aioli

This is great for a spread on hamburgers, roasts, or mixing in when making a fancy slaw.  If you can find already made compliant coconut yogurt, like, CoYo, this comes together super fast. Print AIP White Truffle Aioli Prep Time 5 mins   I made this on a whim to go with my hamburger patty…

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AIP Pressure Cooker Chicken and Tumeric soup

If you want quick and easy…this is the soup for you!  Love the flavor and love all the nutrition packed in this baby! Print Pressure Cooker Chicken and Tumeric Soup Prep Time 15 mins Cook Time 15 mins Total Time 30 mins   I love soup, and I mean LOVE!  Here it is, the middle…

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