AIP Egg Roll in a Bowl

Words I love: Quick, cheap, easy, fast! I love making this for so many reasons, its comfort food goodness and my entire family loves it. I have made this numerous times for get togethers with non-AIP friends and they love it too!  Sometimes AIP recipes can get a bit carried away with the ingredient list-this…

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AIP ‘dirty rice’ with coconut ‘curry’ saffron sauce

This one just gets me in the feelers, it’s quick, easy, family friendly and toddler approved. Over the past couple of days I made a couple different versions of it using different leftover meats and additional veggies I had on hand.  Both were delicious.  I’m not a huge coconut fan, so, I like that I…

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AIP ‘tater’ tots

Want to impress your kids?  Make these AIP ‘tater’ tots…but, I challenge you to not eat them all yourself.  I had some leftover chimichurri sauce that the kids and I dipped these in, it was amazing. I can’t even begin to describe my happy with this one!  I mean, tater tots-enough said!  I intended to…

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Easy Green Chili Verde Sauce

As I mention in the recipe portion…no, this isn’t AIP compliant. During the strict elimination phase, tomatillos, jalapenos and serranos all being nightshades are a no no.  However, if you have reintroduced, or you are following more Paleo/Whole30, then, this is so wonderful and simple.  Plus, as an added bonus, it doesn’t contain all the…

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AIP Snickerdoodle Apple Tarts

Sharing this brilliant recipe from another AIP friend, Erin Tuttle.  They look absolutely delicious! Nothing beats apple pie, right? Well, nothing except maybe apple pie with a snickerdoodle cookie crust. Combine that with the fact that these little guys are fun and easy to hold in your hand and eat, these are a new favorite…

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AIP mixed fruit ice cream

Call it ice cream, call it sherbet, call it whatever you want, but, consider this one a keeper!  Its light, refreshing and was a huge hit at our 4th of July celebration-where most of our guests were non AIP.  Again, I am sorry for the terrible photo…but, all of us over here that are dairy…

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AIP spatchcock smoked chicken

I am blessed to have friends that not only have a large family like I do (their 5 kids, plus our 5 kids makes for some super fun Sunday dinners), but, that also love to cook.  So, my friend Erik, brought over his smoker and we have been going to TOWN!  We’ve smoked pork, a…

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AIP creamy white truffle and mushroom risotto

I was a bit skeptical about this one…but, it came together really fast, and had great flavors.  I had some leftover cooked bacon that I garnished it with, and I mean, who doesn’t love bacon?!  The white truffle oil is optional, my children definitely don’t appreciate it’s cost, but, it was amazing and decadent with…

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AIP carob banana bites with a raspberry compote

Y’all, I can’t even tell you how proud I am of my daughter, Kyra.  This recipe was ALL her!  These are an AWESOME addition for a kids lunch, heck, it was awesome in MY lunch!!  These came together pretty fast and helped to get rid of a few of our overly ripe bananas, it’s a…

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AIP bacon jam

Bacon Jam!  What’s not to love about that?  I love this because it keeps for a while in the fridge, and freezes really well.  You can use it as a dressing, or topping, or even a dip.  Sorry for the bad photo, but, it was the only photo I could get before we devoured it!…

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